Bob Kolbrener

"I have always responded to the grand, ephemeral gestures of Nature. Where there is lightning, fog or winter storm, I am alive with emotion. Through the teachings and inspiration of Ansel Adams I have been able to direct this energy to the making of exciting photographs." -- Bob Kolbrener

Ansel Adams' photographs have defined the Yosemite landscape for generations. Bob Kolbrener has refined that definition in his own black and white portraits of the park, paying tribute to his teacher yet achieving his own style that distinguishes the student from the teacher.

Being a weather buff, Bob first attracted my attention because of his fondness for photographing clouds and storms. When I wrote an article for the Yosemite Journal last year on the Sierra Wave, his was gracious enough to donate the use of his photograph of the cloud, the best image I have ever seen of the phenomena, to accompany the article. The photograph is now on display, with many of his other works, at the Ansel Adams Gallery.

I was fortunate enough to be able to meet Bob and his wife at a reception for his work at the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite Valley. Claudia, Ed, Glenn and the rest of the Ansel Adams staff always host a great reception, from bringing in talented artists to ensuring that the curry dip and good wine never runs out. Glenn also shares willingly his vast knowledge of all things photographic.

Besides being one of the nicest people I've ever met (along with his wife Sharon), Bob's photography is stunning. I'm going to employ the writer's over used defense here of saying words cannot describe his work. But truly, I'm not just being lazy. Words truly cannot capture the vibrancy of these images. A print of Bridalveil Falls appeared so lifelike that I imagined I felt droplets of spray on my face as I gazed at it. If you can't make a visit to the gallery, you can view Bob's work online at