Sunrise Lakes

First%20Sunrise%20Lake%203.jpgAs I usually avoid crowded areas, I had not yet hiked to Sunrise Lakes. This year afforded the perfect opportunity to enjoy these lakes in solitude as the High Sierra Camps have been closed all season and hiker traffic has been reduced. Although it was October, the warm weather felt more like August, and the cerulean blue, cloudless sky promised fine weather all day. The hike from Tenaya Lake is short—only about seven miles round-trip, and I lingered at each lake, walking the entire shoreline of each to get acquainted. At the last and largest of the lakes, I napped on the shore, luxuriating in my solitude and the quietude of my natural surroundings.

I spent the evening at the El Mono Motel (my favorite place to stay in Lee Vining). I had a wonderful dinner at the Whoa Nellie Deli, and was reassured by Chef Toomey that the Red Sox would win tomorrow. Back at the hotel, Tessa made me one of her spiced hot chocolates and I treated myself to a piece of their scrumptious pumpkin coffee cake.