Taft Point and Sentinel Dome

I took a quick hike this afternoon to Taft Point and Sentinel Dome. The day began with clear blue skies, and I enjoyed a clear view of El Capitan from the dizzying heights of Taft Point.

Boulder%20at%20Taft%20Point.jpgAs I followed the trail along the ridge, I watched the clouds arrive, and at the top of Sentinel Dome, the fingers of the clouds reached down to greet me. My view revealed that El Capitan had been surrounded by the sky!

At the top, I met a friendly and enthusiastic group of park visitors, who certainly rate as the most geographically diverse group of friends I’ve ever encountered on the trail—they hailed from Russia, England, Scotland, and Texas. (I didn’t ask them at the time, but I do wonder how they agree on restaurant choices!) The gentleman from Scotland had even read my weblog! Their enjoyment of the park was evident, and even the clouds obscuring the view of Half Dome didn’t damper their spirits.