Members' Meeting

Cartoonist Phil Frank delighted our members at our 31st annual Members’ Meeting in Wawona. Proving to be an adept multi-tasker, he entertained the audience with tales of his Farley crew while sketching his characters on a large flip chart. We raised over $3,000 for our organization when we auctioned the cartoons during our wine and cheese event. Park Superintendent Mike Tollefson updated our members on park issues, and many park rangers provided interpretive programs for the event. Authors Gerald Haslam, Eric Blehm, and Michael Ross signed copies of their news books, Grace Period, The Last Season, and Baby Bear Isn’t Hungry respectively. I highly recommend The Last Season—it’s well written and an engaging read, despite the tragic story of the search for a missing backcountry ranger. Sierra Nevada hikers will recognize many of the characters and locales. (Grace Period is next on my reading list, and the beautifully illustrated Baby Bear Isn’t Hungry is a wonderful book for very young children).