Eastern Sierra Road Trip

Before heading off to my new job in Yellowstone, I decided to join my BFF Jack Laws for a road trip on the Eastern Sierra. He had a series of school visits and a presentation with the Eastern Sierra Audubon in Bishop, and we had great fun exploring the area in between his engagements. To provide me with a fitting farewell to the place I love best in the world, we decided to circumnavigate the Sierra Nevada Range—we drove out via Tahoe and came back via Bakersfield.

Stuck%20Subaru.JPGJack is a wonderful travel companion and we had some marvelous adventures. During the long drive we entertained each other with raven, coyote, and frog puppets, and Eagles sing-a-longs with the help of iTunes. We searched valiantly for big horn sheep, with Jack courageously plowing his Subaru through steam crossings on dirt roads in pursuit. Even though we had plenty of time for a sighting as we waited for the stalled out Subaru to recover from one such crossing, the sheep eluded us.

Jack’s talents are immeasurable and his enthusiasm contagious. I enjoy seeing his work being so well-received. Don’t miss him if he’s speaking near you!