Dollywood.jpgOur management team took a recent trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park to learn from their cooperating association. Steve Kemp, the publications director for the association, is a close friend and talented writer (he’s the author of “Who Pooped in the Park”, among other works). After touring the bookstore operations, we took some time to sample the local culture.

Little Rock Rocks!

We were sure proved wrong in believing Little Rock would be boring. The Rolling Stones were staying at our hotel, we ate dinner in the restaurant with a Supreme Court Justice, and a tornado caused a power outage at the airport and delayed our flight home. I didn’t even mention the ducks that rode the elevator in the hotel. And people think California is crazy!
Hot%20Springs.jpg P.S. If you see Steve Kemp, my colleague who works in the Great Smoky Mountains, please remind him that the abbreviation for Arkansas is AR, not AK. The mix-up made for some embarrassing moments.