Waterfalls Galore!

Fail-proof axiom to determine splendor of the of the seasonal waterfall show in Yosemite: The higher Beth’s disappointment with Tioga Pass opening late the better the waterfalls.
Although I was hoping for an early opening of Tioga Road, the waterfalls in Yosemite Valley are roaring!

Geology Happens

Springtime in Yosemite—wildflowers, waterfalls and rockslides. Every regular commuter on highway 140 knows that spring brings rogue boulders in the road. But the slide that occurred last night was more than just a few boulders. In 1999, when I began my job at the association, this portion of the road was closed for a few weeks due to a rockslide. Let’s hope the road gets cleared in a few days this time.

A Bully Day!

(Note: my goal is to reintroduce Teddy Roosevelt’s expression back into the common vernacular. When he journeyed to Yosemite and camped on Glacier Point with Join Muir, they awoke the next morning to snow. He is reported to have emerged from his tent and exclaimed “What a bully night!”)

Since the snow conditions still are not favorable for skiing, the hiking season continues. My good friends, Paul and Annette, and I decided to hike the Glacier Point and Panorama Trial loop, which is always fun after the road to Glacier Point has been closed for the winter. Paul bravely donned shorts at the beginning of the trail despite the 34 degree temperature, but I had to wait until after I had warmed up before removing my outer layer.
Illilouette%20Fall.jpg At the 6500 in elevation we encountered full coverage of snow, and much ice, which slowed our pace somewhat. We arrived at Glacier Point and had the place to ourselves. While eating lunch, we stared at the polished granite of Cloud’s Rest frosted in white and Florence Peak donning her expansive white apron.

On our descent, we paused at Illilouette Fall, and snapped some photos of the south face of Half Dome. The light of the waxing gibbous moon provided a beautiful light that highlighted Vernal and Nevada Falls as we descended down the Mist Trail in the semi-darkness. We then headed to the Mountain Room Restaurant for a well-earned meal!

After such a great late season hike, let it snow! I’m ready to don my cross country skis.