Camping Out in My New Home

Camping%20Out.jpg The movers are due in tomorrow morning (keep your fingers crossed!), so with the help of a co-worker's air mattress, I decided to camp out in my new home tonight. After over a week of being on the road and in hotels, it's nice to be in a home of sorts. I'm relaxing by the fire and reading my new Vanity Fair (with Harrison Ford on the cover--Indy's Back!) and snacking on pizza from MacKenzie River Pizza in Bozeman. I made a trip to Bozeman today to pick up groceries and some things for the house--it's a great college town with much to offer.

P.S. Check out yesterday's Washington Post style section. My talented BFF Jack Laws is featured in an article titled: "In the Sierra Nevada, A Modern Audubon Stalks Skinks & Bugs."