Coyote Beautiful

Shad%20in%20Yellowstone.jpgShad came for a visit to help me get settled, although he almost didn't make his flight due to the downed trees in the Midpines driveway that required some chainsaw action.

It's hard to believe that California is experiencing worse weather (at least for the moment) than Montana. Shad definitely lucked out as the temperatures rose from sub-zero to the 30-40s during his stay, but he still did not want to go outside.

Coyote%20on%20Ledge%20Close.jpgHe assembled all my furniture in record time, so we had a day to go sightseeing. We drove to Lamar Valley to do some wolf watching. Wildlife sure are easy to spot in blinding snow!

The wolves remained elusive, yet we watched several coyotes venture across Lamar Valley, along with many herds of elk and bison. I was struck by the dizzying whiteness--a stark contrast to the fall browns and reds and yellows of my visit in November. (Note to Jack--you would not recognize the place!)

Coyotes%20Running.jpgCoyotes and wolves do not get along, and they hastily depart when in the vicinity of a wolf pack. Although they lack the size and mystique of the wolf, I find the coyote incredibly beautiful. "God's Dog" was the name given to the coyote by southwestern Native Americans. At my home in California, coyotes were a common sight. Here the landscape lends them an enhanced wildness. As we drove to Lamar Valley, a lone coyote stood on the top of a ridge, gazing at a small elk herd, and then considered us for a few moments.

Wolf%20Watching.jpgAfter a cold day of coyote-watching, we hit the town--Gardiner, population 761. I'm happy to report I finally visited the famous K-Bar! Great place for a winter drink. Shad was just excited that he could walk to Subway.