Bon Voyage!

YA%20Friends.jpgBraving a steady downpour, gusting winds, and crazy felines, my friends from the YA office threw me a farewell pizza and beer party in my almost empty house.

The movers came yesterday, and packed up my most of my belongings. It's quite a disorienting feeling knowing your stuff is somewhere on a truck (hopefully not on Route 80!) We had enough chairs and plates, however, to throw a party!Cat%20Attack.jpg

Michelle made her special lasagna and there was much rejoicing. Shad and Ted rescued a few partygoers from being stuck in the mud, and Shad was happy his new huge truck was put to good use pulling cars out.

Ted, who seems to have a special bond with animals, also made friends with Huxley, who used him as a climbing post.

I was very lucky to work with such a wonderful team of people at YA and I already miss them. Thank you all for being such good friends!