Mission Accomplished!

Park%20Entrance.jpgI arrived in Yellowstone safely this afternoon and I'm posting this from my room at the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel. I arose early this morning to try and outrun the storm, but Mother Nature won that race handily. Most of my drive through Idaho was like being on the edges of a dream--an eerie whiteness surrounded me. At one point I could not see the road as the wind blew a river of snow under me. Oddly enough, when I crossed the Montana state line the snow abruptly ceased--the first exit in Montana was accurately named Snowline. Montana must have some deal with the weather gods.

Mammoth.jpgYellowstone is simply stunning in the winter (and wicked cold--it's about 7F here now). I am still astounded by the abundance of wildlife--in Gardiner this afternoon I saw several big horn sheep. Tomorrow I might take a drive to see wolves.

I just finished dinner at the hotel and In the it's a small world category of experiences, seated next to me was Barbara, a geologist who was on our wolf study course in November.

Please send your good thoughts to the driver of my moving truck--I hope he makes it through the storms!