All Creatures Great & Small

Imagine opening your front door to a herd of bison or walking to the post office being followed by a few young elk. I keep marveling over the assortment of creatures wandering around Yellowstone. Below is a photo diary of my animal encounters just today.

I open my front door and I see........
view from my front door.jpg.jpg

...elk and bison grazing on the grass newly revealed by the melting snow.
elk and bison.jpg.jpg

A bison strolls to my house, probably looking for my chocolate stash.
bison buddy.jpg.jpg

On my way to the Mammoth Hot Springs Post office, I pass an elk inspecting the cars,
elk in parking lot.jpg.jpg

while his buddy maneuvers through the snow,
elk in snow.jpg.jpg

and others graze nearby,
elk grazing in mammoth.jpg.jpg

some with a cottontail companion!
cottontail and elk.jpg copy.jpg