Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead....

....which definitely ranks as my all time favorite movie title. Us live folks also found plenty to do in this fun city.

Sushi%20Buddies.jpgFor those of us who live in the remote areas near national parks, a trip to the big city is a cultural mecca. Tonight is my last night in the mile high city.

Power%20Trio.jpgI've been conducting training sessions at the Association of Partners for Public Lands annual conference in Denver this week. I conducted trainings on two "geeky" topics: technology plans and the IRS Form 990. Luckily, fellow financially and IT minded geeks appreciated my love of spreadsheets.

Several of my past coworkers from Yosemite attended, along with my new buddies from Yellowstone, and I had fun arguing over the first national park designation as we dined on sushi. Pete refuted the Yellowstone argument with an innovative t-shirt design.Pete%20Yellowstone.jpg

I was so pleased to witness Charlie Money, the executive director of Alaska Geographic, receive the Murfin award for his long-term work for supporting public lands. Charlie is a good friend and has done remarkable things for national parks. I also got to spend some time with Greg Moore of Golden Gate Conservancy, and my training mentor, Claudia Schechter.

This evening we feasted on South American food, and I then talked some of the crowd into a showing of the new U2 3D movie. images.jpeg As a pretty serious U2 and Bono worshiper, I have to admit the film bordered on pornographic at times for me. Bono in 3D, reaching his hand out to us in the theater seats!