Meeting with Senator Jon Tester

U.S. Senator Jon Tester (D) from Montana visited Yellowstone today, and I had a chance to meet with him as he was interested in the environmental programs in the park. I enjoyed our session, and was very impressed with his candor, sincerity, and intelligence.

I was also impressed with his background. Senator Tester and his wife run an organic farm in northern Montana on the land his grandparents homesteaded over a hundred years ago. He also possesses a bachelor of science in music, and worked as a music teacher in the public schools early in his career. He shares a hometown of Big Sandy, Montana with Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament, and the band played a concert to support his run for the senate. It's pretty cool to be represented by a democratic senator from Montana who runs an organic farm, is interested in the environment, has an appreciation for music, and likes Pearl Jam.