Storm Over Electric Peak

storm over electric peak.jpgCumulus clouds have been building almost every afternoon for two weeks near my home, but not until today did I get to watch a true thunderstorm. Electric Peak finally lived up to its name---streaks of lightning danced over the peak amidst a dark grey backdrop of storm clouds.

Last week on a trip to Bozeman I found a treasure in a used bookstore--the book Montana Weather: From 70F Below to 117F Above. For a weather junkie like me, this was a great find. Published in the early 1980s, the book has numerous delightful chapters including: Montana Twister, Surviving West Yellowstone in Winter, and Great Falls' Wonderful, Winterless Winter (where I wish I could relocate after this winter!).

According to the book, "the soldiers who manned old Fort Yellowstone used to say that 'in Yellowstone there are only two seasons, winter and July.'" That's certainly been the case this year!