Midpines Telegraph Fire Update: We’ve Evacuated!

The fire quickly worsened this afternoon about 3:00 pm. Shad and I spent the early afternoon raking and cutting down branches. About 3:00 pm, we received notice that evacuation looked likely and be prepared to leave. We watched the flames fan into the sky only a couple of miles away. Shock, disbelief, awe all raced through me—it was like seeing a dragon approach.

We are safely camped out at the home of friend Jane Medley (the wife of my late boss and friend, Steve Medley) about twenty miles from the fire. The dogs are running around the backyard and swimming in her pool, the cats are locked in the bathroom, and the fish are swimming in a five-gallon bucket.

I’m still in shock, not quite able to process that I might lose my home, but I’m playing in the pool with the dogs trying to create some semblance of normalcy. Paul and Annette, our distant neighbors and close friends, are also staying at what we’ve dubbed Camp Medley.

Shad drove back to Mariposa to remain close to home. He is calling with regular updates.

Here’s a photo log of this afternoon.

Fire at 2:30 pm from our Midpines Home Fire at 3:30 pm Fire at 4:15 pm Sky Above Our Home  

Sky Above Our Home, Part 2