The Towering Inferno

We just received a call from a friend who informed us that the fire has flared up again on Rumley Mine Road--this road begins less than a half a mile from us. As you can imagine, the anxiety and frustration we're experiencing at being so helpless is unbelievable. We had hoped to be able to return home today, but this new development makes it seem unlikely, and has us fearing once again for the safety of our home.
On the plus side, I am overdosing on Jamba Juices and swimming multiple laps in a sunlit pool--two of my favorite things that I can't get in Yellowstone.

If you would like to check out the perimeter of our fire on google earth, visit the GeoMac site and select "View Fire Perimeter" for CA Telegraph Fire. YouTube also has a neat time lapse photo sequence of the satellite imagery of the fire. The smoke cloud, which we observed from our property, rose to over 40,000 feet into the atmosphere!