X Marks the SpotAt 6:30 pm this evening, we received word that we could return home. We loaded up the dogs, cats, goldfish, said a fond farewell to Charlie and Fen, and headed to Midpines. We arrived right in time for sunset, and I'll say one positive for the fire--it sure made for a colorful evening show. 

When we arrived at our house, the dogs ran blissfully through the yard, the cats were relieved to be freed from the confines of the laundry room, and the fish happily swam in their tank, a welcome upgrade from a plastic bin. I surveyed the property, and felt very lucky--the only sign of the fire was the dead plants and the light layer of ash.

Thank you to all my friends and family who kept sending us well wishes during our evacuation. You all helped make this ordeal a little less horrible. And my thanks to the wonderful firefighters for saving our home.

I'll be home with Shad and the Sunshine Hill Pack for the next two days, and then I'll return to Yellowstone--where I am told a small fire has been burning for a couple of days near Fishing Bridge!

Shad & The Dogs Arrive Home

 Doggie Excitement Cirrus on Front Deck