Lewis & Clark Half Marathon

Beth Crosses the Finish LineYesterday I completed the Lewis & Clark Half Marathon in Bozeman—and I didn’t come in last! I’ve been training for the event with two of my co-workers—Sharon and Julia—who I had persuaded to join me in this crazy endeavor. Both had never run a half marathon before and I am happy to report they didn’t threaten to kill me after the race.

My dad also ran, while my mother and brother cheered us on. I am very proud of my dad for finishing—it’s one of the toughest marathon courses in the country, and at almost a mile above sea level. As my dad lives at sea level, and is 68, these were enormous disadvantages.

After this positive experience—I didn’t feel like I wanted to die as I did after running a full marathon—I think I’ll stick to 13.1 mile races (my dad and I ran the Falmouth Marathon in 2006).

Team Yellowstone Gorges on Pizza!Always being one to milk the benefits of my training, we gorged on Italian food the night before the event, then dined at McKenzie River Pizza in Bozeman post-race. I consumed an entire personal pizza!