A Wolf's Journey Ends

Wolf 314F (341F) under anesthesia after being fitted with GPS Collar (Montana Fish, Wildlife, Parks)In February, I wrote about the incredible journey of Yellowstone’s  adventurous wolf 341F (she was previously misidentified as 314F). After departing from her pack in September, she wandered over a thousand miles and traveled through Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. Since February, signals from her radio collar indicate she remained about 120 miles west of Denver.

Sadly 341F was found dead in late March—the cause of her death has yet to be determined. Gary Wockner, a former member of the Colorado Wolf Working Group "This adventurous wolf sparked Colorado's imagination. She made us think about what Colorado is missing without its wolves."  Defenders of Wildlife representative, Suzanne Asha Stone, states, “We hope that this wasn’t the result of foul play but will do what we can to support the state’s investigation including offering a reward for information leading to conviction if this was an illegal killing of an endangered species.”