Yellowstone Cuteness Contest: Bighorn Lambs or Bison Calves?

On a rocky slope overlooking the Gardner River today, two newborn bighorn sheep lamps discovered they could run. Back and forth they leapt and trotted on the rocks, delighting in their newfound revelation of speed. While I watched, I envisioned them singing the Peter Pan song, "I Can Fly, I Can Fly!"

Photos and a video are below (sorry for the bumpy video--it's been very windy in Yellowstone and I don't always have a tripod with me). 

Over the weekend I watched bison calves play. Today, I gazed at frisky bighorn sheep lambs. Cast your vote--who is the cuter Yellowstone baby?

Two Little Bighorn Sitting in a Tree......

I Feel the Need For Speed

Look, Mom, No Hands!!!