Winter Invades Yellowstone with a Vengeance

After a mild October and early November, winter staged a full-scale invasion of Yellowstone this past week, with a series of storms dumping 20-30 inches of snow in the last five days. Temperatures plunged to below zero with wind chills of almost negative 40F.  This storm propelled Gardiner—at the north entrance of the park—into reaching its snowiest November on record—and the month isn’t even over yet! Here are some scenes from our winter wonderland at the north entrance.

What 15 below looks like: North entrance 11/24 am (Photo: Beth Pratt)What 15 below looks like, part 2: (Photo: Beth Pratt)In between storms: Electric Peak and Roosevelt Arch on 11/21 (Photo by Beth Pratt)

My dog Tioga buried in snow, 11/20 (Photo: Beth Pratt)

North entrance in snowstorm 11/19 (Photo by Beth Pratt)

Elk in Mammoth Hot Springs 11/16 (Photo by Beth Pratt)