Introducing JUNKET: a new fun and eclectic travel & food blog

My friend Michelle is my guru in all things food and fashion (she managed to wean me off scrunchies and athletic socks). We have traveled together for business and for pleasure frequently, and I always let her select the restaurant. From the yummy Guinness marinated mussels at Bertha's in Baltimore, to the exquisite sushi at Sushi Den in Denver, to the delicious oysters at the King's Fish House in San Diego, she has never lead my astray with food.

And now you can also profit from her cuisine and travel related wisdom as she's just unveiled her new blog: Junket. The blog contains great photos (the food related ones will make you hungry!), witty stories and a personalized rating system. Check out her new photos of her recent hike on Yosemite's Mist Trail that she just posted.