Grizzly bears and bison and wolves, oh my! The week in Yellowstone wildlife watching

Yellowstone visitors enjoyed frequent sightings of grizzly bears this week (Photo by Beth Pratt)John Muir wrote, "A thousand Yellowstone wonders are calling, 'Look up and down and round about you!'" Springtime in Yellowstone brings an array of wonders like the sight of a bison calf nursing or a mighty grizzly bear scrounging for food.

This past week, wolves made regular excursions to snack on a carcass at a roadside location near the Gardner River and attracted daily crowds. A grizzly bear and bison tussled on the Grand Loop Road in front of dozens of people. Adorable newborn bison calves, with their distinct orange coats, trotted alongside their mothers to the delight of park visitors. A black wolf scouted an elk carcass lying in the Gibbon River. And a few people reported sightings of a grizzly bear with four cubs wandering in the Swan Lake Flats area.

Despite numerous snowstorms in the park this past week, Yellowstone offered spectacular wildlife watching opportunities to visitors braving the snowy, spring weather. Wildlife experience their own spring fever, some giving birth to offspring and gorging on food after a long, hungry winter. For wildlife lovers, May and early June are excellent times for experiencing frequent animal encounters in the park.

When visiting Yellowstone, check at any open park visitor center or at the non-profit Yellowstone Association’s new Gardiner Arch Store for an updated listing of wildlife sightings.

For information on traveling to Yellowstone, visit the National Park Service website.

Information on lodging and services can be found online at Yellowstone National Park Lodges.

For a great wildlife watching experience, consider taking a tour with a park guide. Both the non-profit Yellowstone Association or Yellowstone National Park Lodges offer a variety of wildlife tours.