A Fond Farewell to Yellowstone

The poetry of Yellowstone: Awakening to the song of wolves howling in the morning. Walking outside my front door and encountering a herd of bison. Hearing the elk bugle outside my office window during the rut. Listening to the crackling of superheated sulfuric beads in a hotspring at Norris Geyser Basin. Gazing up at a bear sleep in a tree in my backyard.

Yellowstone is an amazing place full of mystery and wonderment. As John Muir said, A thousand Yellowstone wonders are calling, 'Look up and down and round about you!'" and for the past few years I have done just that when living and working in Yellowstone. I have seen wolves walk by my car in the moonlight and bison peering into my living room window. I will always cherish my time in Yellowstone, and feel thankful for the experiences and people I encountered in the park.

But my home has always been Yosemite and the Sierra—indeed all of California. From the magnificent waterfalls and imposing granite of Yosemite Valley, to the surreal desert landscapes of Joshua Tree and Death Valley, to the breathtaking coastline of Point Reyes. Although I am sad that my time in Yellowstone has come to an end, I am excited about returning to California—and in an exciting and rewarding role—as the National Wildlife Federation’s new California Director.

You can follow my new adventures on my new blog: Up and Down California.

Goodbye, Yellowstone! I will miss you.