The best lunch spot in Yosemite: Lake of the Domes

Yesterday I dashed up to Tuolumne Meadows to sneak in a quick hike before the winter weather arrived this week. My destination: a cross-country trip to one of the best lunch spots in Yosemite, Lake of the Domes. The small lake is nestled between two ridges on Medlicott Dome and its north shore offers spectacular views of the surrounding peaks, a panorama from Mt. Hoffman to Mt. Conness.

As I munched on my sandwich, I also watched the storm system move into the park--the sky seemed excited to offer the first signs of the first winter storm. Cumulus clouds traveled frantically, hurried by high winds, and cirrus clouds wrote their warnings on a canvas of blue. On the way down I stopped on the shores of Cathedral Lakes, another fine spot to have lunch, and also spotted some grouse during my travels. Another wonderful day in Yosemite and a fine hike to end the season with should this snow close Tioga Road.

Lake of the Domes Mt Conness from Lake of the Domes

Cathedral Peak and Lakes

The view from Lake of the DomesGrouse near Lake of the Domes