Flying Above Yosemite

Yosemite from above on March 13, 2013 (photo by Beth Pratt)

On my return flight from Portland to Fresno yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to fly almost the entire length of the Sierra, and pretty much right over my house. And what a wondrous sight, to peer into Yosemite Valley from above, and gaze at my mountain companions in my favorite place on earth, Yosemite's Tioga Country. I know these peaks and valleys intimately, yet as a mere mortal peering up from the earth. A glimpse of them from above reveals their true nature. These mountains might originate on earth, but they dwell in the kingdom of the sky. Look at Half Dome reaching above Yosemite Valley or magnificent Mt Conness guarding over the park.

Can't wait until Tioga Pass opens! My prediction is that it will be an early year.