YA Members' Meeting with Claude Fiddler

Another successful members meeting! Claude Fiddler spoke about the wonders of Yosemite wilderness, and debunked all of the intellectual theories about the “true” nature of wild places with his exuberant yell of “YEEEEEEEEAAAHHH!” (his theory on the meaning of wilderness). Anne Macquarie, a contributor to Yosemite Once Removed, and a former Yosemite Back country ranger, read a poem about visiting Benson Lake as an adult, with an adult’s physical limitations (aches, pains, etc...that did not exist in youth), which resonated with all of us who experience age creeping into our physical activity.

On Sunday, I lead an energetic group up to Gaylor Lakes and the Great Sierra Mine for an interpretive hike. My father and brother, both visiting from New England, accompanied me, and both completed the hike despite their coming from sea level and not being used to high altitude walks. My dad affectionately calls the Tioga Road “The Valley of Death.” Being a born and bred New Englander, he hasn’t driven on too may mountain roads on the east coast.