Sharsmith Peak

Just received the news: I have another ruptured disk in my back. What’s the record I asked my physician? He advises me to live my life and attributes my partial recovery (i.e., that I am not still lying in bed) to being in good shape and having a high tolerance for pain.

I thought I’d celebrate having two ruptured disks with a hike. Although I have frequented the Gaylor Lakes region this year, I had not yet climbed peak 12,002 (called Sharsmith Peak for the late ranger by the Yosemite community). It’s a relatively easy hike, involving a fun boulder scramble to reach the craggy summit. I had wonderful views of Granite and Gaylor Lakes, and as a bonus, watched as a golden eagle soared over the basin.

I’m happy to report that my back made some noises in protest, but remained in good shape.