Farewell GSE Team, Hello Shad!

at the tex mex irish pub.jpgTonight marks the occasion of our farewell party in Morioka, and the official end of our program. Simply stated, it truly was the experience of a lifetime. My thanks to the Rotary family in both America and Japan who helped make this trip a reality and to our team leader Andy, and teammates, Alisha, Erin, and Aimee for enriching the experience with your companionship.

To Takashi-san:you organized a wonderful program full of fun surprises—Domo, Domo, Domo!

My one regret: I wish I could share some sake and laugh about my Japanese adventures with my late friend Steve Medley, who was so excited about my being selected for this program. Thank you, Steve. I miss you.

Fednign off Attack.JPGShad arrives tomorrow and we’re off to explore Kyoto for three days and then we move to Tokyo for a couple of nights. Shad, as seen here displaying his expert swordsmanship, is very interested in learning more about the Edo (samurai) period in Japan while I am looking forward to NOT eating anymore.

I’m not sure if I will have internet access until we arrive in Tokyo, so wish us luck—I’ve been well taken care of this past month and I’m a little nervous about navigating in Japan on my own. We might end up in China. If so, please give Jack Bauer a call.