Bill Murray Slept Here

in park hyatt room.jpgAfter a three day whirlwind tour of Kyoto and Lake Biwa, Shad and I successfully navigated the Japanese shinkansen (bullet train) and subway system, and arrived in Tokyo last night.

We’re enjoying our two days at the Park Hyatt, a premier luxury hotel, but we’re afraid we’ll be kicked out once they realize we’re only posing as rich people with the help of credit cards. I think it’s safe to say we have the lowest income level in this entire hotel-a Ferrari pulled in ahead of our taxi.

Our room is the size of our house, the hotel displays more art than a museum, and the spa resembles a Roman palace. I think we can see most of Tokyo from our window and if it would stop raining, Mt. Fuji would appear. Dagoba chocolate and wine are complementary, and there is a television in the bathroom.

view from hotel window.jpgI’m too busy swimming in the pool, getting shiatsu massages, and eating room service to write much about our adventures over the last few days, but check out the photo gallery for new pictures. If I have time after a swim and thermal wrap this afternoon, I’ll try to write more.

We’re off this morning for a walk around Tokyo to find Hachiko!

PS: Yes, this is the hotel that was featured in Lost in Translation. Shown below is Shad doing his best Bill Murray impression, “Make it Suntory Times.”
shad as bill murray.jpgShad Bill Murray 2.JPG