Yellowstone’s new wildlife celebrities: a grizzly bear and her four cubs

Two curious grizzly bear cubs gaze at onlookers in Yellowstone (Photo by Beth Pratt)Wolves usually rank as the “rock stars” of the wildlife world in Yellowstone, but this year the undisputed animal celebrities are a grizzly and her four cubs. Grizzly bear sightings are common in the park, but this rare ursine family has been spotted almost daily in the vicinity of Swan Lake Flat, just south of Mammoth Hot Springs.

Today the mother and her large family rewarded early morning wildlife watchers by making an excursion in close proximity to the road. Visitors could clearly view the cubs playing and climbing on their mother without using a spotting scope or binoculars.

Most grizzly bears give birth to one or two cubs, with an occasionally set of triplets appearing as well. Four cubs in one litter is a rarity. Although not all four offspring are expected to survive, all cubs appeared active and well this morning.