Meeting the Vice President

Beth with Vice President BidenLast year I was fortunate enough to see President Obama when he visited Yellowstone National Park. Today, I was lucky enough to meet Vice President Biden during his trip. Biden was touring Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon to showcase the stimulus projects being funded in national parks as part of the Recovery Act. He was almost upstaged by a bull moose who wandered into the Madison River Canyon right before his talk--moose sightings are rare in the area, but the moose politely exited from view before Biden arrived.

Although I am a big supporter of the stimulus funding in the parks, and was eager to hear his message on the topic, I most appreciated when the Vice President deviated from the topic and went off script with a personal story. He told about his trip to Yellowstone with his two sons not long after the car crash that killed his wife and daughters. Yellowstone had helped them heal, he conveyed to us, and I related to his sentiment.  Yosemite, Yellowstone--parks had always helped me heal. The video below captures him relating this story.

For a more formal report on the Vice President's visit, you can read my Examiner article.