Above Yosemite and Mono Lake

Yosemite's east side and Mono Lake from an airplane 03/19/12(photo by Beth Pratt)

Although I fly often for work, I don't always get lucky with my timing for scenery gazing. This past week made up for a year's worth of red eyes and cloud covered skies--I flew over Yosemite twice--and both days had amazing views.

My first flight on Monday yielded some great photos of my favorite place on earth, right after the Sunday storm that had blanketed the region. From my window seat, I smiled in delight as I saw Half Dome, Yosemite Falls, Tuolumne Meadows, Mt. Dana, Mt Conness and Mono Lake pass slowly underneath me. My feet have wandered on those landscapes for countless hours, yet it was a gift to be released for a few minutes from my usually grounded perspective and be able to view the world of Yosemite from the air.

 Half Dome-center of photo 03/19/12 (photo by Beth Pratt)Kuna Crest and Tuolumne Meadows 03/19/12 (photo by Beth Pratt)Mono Lake 03/19/12 (photo by Beth Pratt)Mono Lake 03/23/12 (photo by Beth Pratt)